Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

Some Important Facts related to Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah

Our Saint spent fourteen years completely, traveling to the Holy shrine of Kaaba and performed seven or according to tradition Eleven Haj. What is more important and significant is the devotional spirit, purity of heart with which it is performed rather than the mere display of adding the appellation of Haji with one’s name.

In every place Sarkar Waris stay did not exceed more than three days.

In fact Sarkar Waris made no difference between wealth and poverty, comfort or inconvenience.

From the age of Fourteen Sarkar Waris began fasting and was breaking his fast once a week.

Sarkar Waris made no distinction between the rich and poor to honor their invitation s by his august presence.

From tradition it is known the color Sarkar Waris liked best was yellow color.

Sarkar Waris eating was limited but Sarkar Waris distribution to others was limitless.

Sarkar Waris never liked any arrangements for food ad it was against his way of life.

Never in his life did he eat with his head uncovered.

Sarkar Waris entire food if weighed would be five tolas (50 GRAMS).

Eating food is just like taking a pinch of salt or merely touches his hand to it as a form of blessing.

Infect Sarkar Waris mode of dress and facial features resembled the Holy Prophet Jesus Christ.

Except a tahband and a bed Sarkar Waris owned nothing in this world.

Every one knows during his lifetime a word of complaint did not escape form his lips.

Our Saint has warmth of affection and behavior of equal treatment with every community.

Our Saints Disciple Faizu Shah Saheb fasted twenty six years, Abul Hassan Shah Saheb Warsi resident of Etawah for twelve years and Babu Kanyalal Saheb Warsi Wail of Aligarh for Fourteen years, Rumi Shah Saheb Turk, Miskin Shah Saheb Warsi, Allahbad were order to fast for life and so on.

Maulvi Barkatulla Saheb Waris to recite everyday 24000 times Darood Sheriff (i.e. recite blessings for our Prophet).

A number of devotes were benefited by merely seeing Our Saints Face.

In fact Sarkar Waris Himself declared, “One who recognizes my Pir, has recognized me”.

Each mendicant of Sarkar Waris was empowered to spread the message of Sarkar Waris and include disciples in the name of Sarkar Waris. But there s no doubt that among all mendicants Baba Rahim Shah Saheb was a highly venerated and a distinguished mendicant.

Our Saint’s fasting was unique and displayed the dignity of an exalted lover for he was taking food once a week.

There were many devotees of Our Saint in other countries beyond India who always fasted for the sake of Divine love, casting aside their mundane earnings and fasted throughout their lives spending their nights in prayers.

Nader Khan was the last tahband mendicant to be made a disciple.

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