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Review of Holy Prophet's (S.W.) life

Name: Ahmad, Mahmoud, Taha, Yasin, Mostafa, Mohammad
Title: Shafi’ Al-Mozanebin, Khatam Al-Nabiyan, Rahmat Lelalemin, Habeeb Allah
Epithet: Abu Al-Gassem, Abu Ibraheem
Father’s Name: Abdullah Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib(Pbuh)
Mother’s Name: Aminah Bint Wahab (Pbuh)
Foster Mothers: Nobiyeh, and Halimeh S’diyeh
Birth Date: Friday, 17th of Rabea Al Awwal, “The Elephant Year”
Birth Place: Holy Mecca
His Age: 62 years, 11 months, 11 days
Years of Prophethood: 22 years, 7 months, 1 day
His Burial Place: Holy Al-Medina
His Sons: Tayeb, Taher, Qassem, Ibraheem
His Daughters: Zaynab, Ruqayah, Ummkalthoum, Fatimah Zahra(Pbuh)
His Companions: 407
His Famous Companions: Salman, Abouzar, Maqdad
His Wars: 76
His Perpetual Miracle: Holy Quran
Special Pilgrimage Day: Saturday

1. People the best of you is the person who acts humbly when he has a high position, devotes when he has a great wealth and patient when he is in power. And know that the best person is the one who doesn’t pay attention to the world, being chaste, preparing himself for the futurity, and making himself ready for this way.

2. Be aware that the wisest person is the one who knows his God and obeys him, knows his enemy and opposes him, knows his perpetual house and makes it improved, and knows how the life is moving fast and make provisions for himself.

3. I order you to remit because it brings respect for the man. So, remit until your God makes you dear.

4. Don’t search for believers’ faults because everybody who searches for believers’ faults, God will search for his faults. And the people whose defaults God searches for will be disgraced, although he hides it.

Basic Aspects of Prophet’s Life
1. Prophet’s Moral

People of the Arabian Peninsula were out of moral character; and humanity values had died among them. They were the people involved with ignorance, foolishness and they didn’t know anything except horse, sword, vicinity, and robbery. And then a Prophet came and said “I’ve just come to perfect morality values”. He established a noble character and founded a school by a lot of endeavor to lead people to the humanity elevation, for ever.

2. Prophet As a Symbol

Quran states about Prophet (Pbuh) that there is a praiseworthy model in Prophet (Pbuh) for you. This verse is another answer to a basic need which man needs a model in guidance way. Muslims living in the very early period of the Islam, had visited the Prophet (Pbuh); so they could understand how Prophet could be a model. When they saw the Prophet (Pbuh) was a man like them with all the human characteristics, so they were able to take pattern from him by the attention to his identical and practical way. When we take distance from the period of that Hazrat, we just face with the way quoted from that Hazrat. The question is, how the way of that Hazrat, who lived in 1400 years ago, could be a model for modern people? And what a Muslim must do when he obeys Hazrat-e Mohammad (Pbuh) in his private and social behaviors, according to Quran. And how we can consider Prophet (Pbuh) as an acceptable symbol for a modern man?

3. Islamic government or Medina Al-Nabi

The bases of Islamic government were established in the Arabian Peninsula by Prophet’s immigration. This government by political, social, and economical views had special features like management, leadership, justice, discipline … and etc. This Islamic government could be a suitable pattern for all the governments, which wished to be based on Islam and its glorified rules.

4. Islamic Civilization

Establishment of “Islamic Civilization” was the highest advantage of Prophet’s mission because Prophet (Pbuh) founded a developed, general, and powerful civilization on yesterday and today’s world which was useful for the future of humanity.
The establishment of such a civilization in uncivilized world of that day and among such people was miraculous.

5. O’ Mohammad, You’ve been created marvelously!

He was cheerful and moderate and his custom was guidance and growth. His speech was criterion of right and his order was justice. His companions said “we haven’t visited anyone who smiles more than him.” Hazrat-e Ali (Pbuh) stated: “when somebody visited Hazrat-e Mohammad (Pbuh) for the first time, he was influenced by his dignity, and everybody who met him, accepted his friendship. When he looked at his companions, he divided his glances. He was the bravest and the most honest person. He was bound to his promise, he had tender words, and he was better than others in association.
Prophet (Pbuh) was the best person and he was the most generous of all. He behaved so tender and well with the people. He ignored from the things, which had no favor toward them. He didn’t blame people. He had no special place in a gathering and forbid this action. When he entered to a meeting, he sat wherever possible and he ordered people to do the same, too. He didn’t dispute and didn’t talk so much. He never searched on people’s faults and was so patient against others’ ill-treats. 

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