Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

Qualities of Sarkar Waris-e-pak alam panah

Quality of Devine Love

Sarkar Waris Said love is the step to reach the highest truth; also angles were given partial love and human beings full love

If love is real and true a lover sees his beloved in everything.

Love makes man the most eminent of created beings.

Love makes mosques and temples appear grand and dignified.

There is rivalry in love and in love Satan is not a stranger.

In love Satan also becomes a friend.

One who is ruined in love becomes prosperous.

To a real over Knowledge of God is invisible in every atom, like a mirror,

In love man becomes blinds and deaf, except disgrace he will not be associated with good qualities.

In entanglement in love, one’s Wisdom vanishes away.

There is no arrangement in love.

If love is perfect the faith also is full and perfect.

If love is defective, faith will also be defective.

Sarkar Waris instructions to his devotees and disciples were to cultivate the habit of love.

Surrender to the will of God which is the highest rank of Perfect resignation.

In love, our Saint said, “there is giving up and foregoing and in love a lover only sees the manifestation of his beloved in everything”.

It is necessary for a lover never to complain even if his head is cut because the murderer is not a stranger. A lover is one in whose breath the remembrance of his beloved is audible.

Lovers are less but Saints are numerous, a lover with whomsoever he is in love, worships him, of which face he has fallen in love with, hi is absorbed in that face.

Trust in God

The Commandment of our Saint is be patient even if you are starving. God is all Knowing omniscient. Sarkar Waris also said, to whoever it is destined you will surely get it; who ever trust God He surely helps him.

Trust in God is all prophets’ tradition. Make God your counsel.

God is responsible for your food.

Trust in God is opposite of avarice.

Trust in God is a symptom of modesty,

The sense of the moral conclusion of our Saint is his sterling qualities of trust in God as a superfine quality. The miracle of trust in God of our Saint, its rays of light on others, makes them his votaries gifted with this quality, which becomes inherent in them.

Quality of Mercy

In his praiseworthy qualities begging mercy is also a unique quality and is a part of mystics. In fact craving mercy is one of the consequences of love. In the stages of love quality of craving mercy is the provision of true love.

Sarkar Waris craving of mercy is worth mentioning which is his old but natural habit. It is seen from his younger age that Sarkar Waris helped the neighboring poor with food, clothes and even costly vessels literally more than their needs. Since this attribute was so perfect it may also be defined as complete sweeping off from the heart the variety and worth of articles distributed. Whatever things Sarkar Waris gave freely he never took in to consideration. This is evidenced in his distribution of sweets in his younger days to the children’s for which he paid one gold coin. Sarkar Waris even disliked to see coins in the pockets of his companions and would coax them to distribute their money.

Sarkar Waris said, “Money, Women and Land are the cause of quarrel and temptation in this world.

When the connection with these ceases the great is frees from worries and feels a king of relief.

What so ever costly gifts were presented to him he distributed to the people irrespective of their rank status and economic conditions.

Though his stature was normal his features ware so commanding that they were recognizable even amongst a sea of human faces. This distinguishing quality was not momentary but everlasting, a hereditary gift from his forefathers, and descendants of the Holy Prophet.

The Enchanting Eyes of Sarkar Waris

Sarkar Waris eyes stained with antimony were exceptionally beautiful, unique and nonpareil, but at the same time modest, unassuming, truth knowing and beaming with spiritual bestowing rays. Apart from this hi was very modest. Sarkar Waris never viewed the works with lust and avarice to the extent he never viewed the world with lust and avarice to the extent he never wore transparent clothes at the time of bathing so much so after his bath he would ask his attendants to depart while he changed and no one ever saw him reveal his legs which is a tradition of the Holy Prophet.

Sarkar Waris Manner of Speech

Our saint taught people that except repeating the invocation of God and thinking always of the beloved, one should be inattentive to other matters.

Sarkar Waris speeches were full of reliable idioms. He would converse with his devotees short sentences that could satisfy different people who came for solving their own questions. There were sparks of humility in his speeches free from arrogance and contempt against others, pure from stains of bias and sensuality but overflowing with love and truth.

Though Sarkar Waris mother tongue was Urdu, he spoke Arabs, Afghans and Persians in their

??the commendable feature of his speech was such that every one thought our Saint was directing his attention towards him and referring to his desires and expectations. in this way every one was benefited and satisfied that his main purpose was achieved.

Special Quality of Sarkar Waris Feet

Infect every portion of Sarkar’s body was a model of Divine art. The special quality of his feet which were always cleans from dust and mud. Although he never wore shoes, still no traces of impressions were left on the carpets or on the white bed sheets whenever he passed over them. Even after traveling bare feet and passing over mire on the road in poring rain it was a wonder his feet were clean , free from dirt and left no imprints , in spite of his traveling bare feet over wide expanse of desert , swamps, rivers valley , jungles and mountains his soles remained as clean as a new born infant’s.

Fragrance Emanating from Sarkar Waris Body

Sarkar Waris wide renowned and special quality was a fragrant scent emanating from his body which his devotees sniffed during their visit and unanimously acknowledged it’s exhilarating and soul-solacing fragrance. It may seem strange to the present generation as it is against nature but from reliable, and incontrovertible sources it has been proved that our Holy Prophet was gifted with this Divine quality which left a trail of fragrance over places through which he passed. People were certain from the fragrance emanating in the atmosphere that our Prophet must have passed through those places. And this divine fragrance was passed down in their children for generations to come.

Thus in accordance with the above authoritative saying for instance among the descendants of their Holy Prophet a fortunate child was born the enchanting fragrance of whose body, a symptom of superiority, spread his fame in the world.

Even the other group of mystics acknowledges the unusual gift bestowed on him by the Almighty God.

His disciples were already aware of its enchanting fragrance.

Another rare quality was, even Sarkar Waris clothes when they touched his body absorbed this fragrance and people would easily identify his clothes. Any cloth cotton, woolen, or silk would immediately be saturated the moment they touched Sarkar’s sacred body.

Even to this day this unique quality of fragrance is not extinct and felt during the anniversary when his devotees of all religions from the highest to lowest level of society offer coverings sheets to be spread over his tomb, testing one above the other and are saturated with this fragrance from top to bottom . . . . 

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