Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

Last days of Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah

In spite of his extreme weakness and prolonged ailment or Saint’s correct guidance and path of rectitude t his devotees continued as usual. In 1899 A.D. Faizu Shah Saheb became his personal attendant.

Our Saint rewarded his servants, embraced old, semi blind devotees and assured them not to fear as he would be always with them.

Illness of Sarkar Waris:

Apparent illness of Our Saint began with cold and temperature and within two weeks under the veil of phlegmatic fever his condition became serious. It was obvious that he was feeling difficulty even to stand and sit. Due to his intense illness his weakness increased day by day. Most probably due to his habit of taking meager food to which he was accustomed. Hence cordial medicines proved ineffective and on the other hand his weakness was increasing. Even to get up from bed he needed the assistance of a servant.

The disease of eternal separation was nearing its end but the ceaseless activity of Our Saint in admitting new disciples was going on as usual and the fountain of Warsi Bliss and benevolence continued to sprinkle its soothing and blaming atmosphere. The author of this biography has given the name to this disease “eternal disease of separation”. 

In the books relating to mystics it is mentioned that the last ailment is a sort of invitation to sincere livers of God that the communications are open to reach Divine Proximity and it is a kind of glad tidings of warm reception awaiting them. The sum and substance of this disease is the eradication of the unbearable shock of separation once for all. A well known poet of Arabs says the day of separation is more terrible than the Doomsday.

In fact the illness of lovers is so full of secrets and mysteries that it is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary public.

May devotees from near and far on learning the news of his declining health flocked to Dewa Sheriff. But the will of God was different Hakim Abdul Aziz Saheb a well known physician began his treatment attending day and night upon him, prescribing various medicines but there was no relief and weakness increased day by day.

At 9 PM the servants offered him a bowl of soup but e had no inclination to drink. Due to their pleading and requests tested two or four spoons full. None knew that this was his last food in this world. At 10p.m. his legs became cold and after five minutes his temperature shot up. The physicians did their best but the temperature never came down.

On 30th Moharram both the Hakims left no stone unturned and prepared medicines to bring down the fever and to minimize his pain but every medicine proved ineffective.

The news of Sarkar Waris critical condition reached everywhere. His devotees and disciples rushed from every nook and corner. The swelling crowd increased moment by moment but the Warsi fountain of Favor was discharging its shower of bliss as usual and everyone was benefited by affectionate instruction and religious sayings.

Premonition of Sarkar Waris Death:

Everyone expected him to say something but he remained silent. After sometime in a hoarse voice enquired what time it was. He was informed that it was three ‘O’ clock our Saint murmured incoherently “still there is time. The leg of the black horse is broken. Light, two wheeled carriage has come. At 4 a.m. I will mount on it.

Explanation of the Phrase:

On hearing this apparently inconsistent and disjointed words needing clarification a pall of silence and wonder fell in the devotees but some understood their latent meaning. For instance Back Horse meant the dark night, breaking of leg meant the life of journey to the Eternal Abode of Tranquility for which the carriage is ready and prepared to start at 4 a.m.

Extraordinary Phenomenon at 2 p.m.

  Late in the night the fever came down. At 2 a.m. an extraordinary phenomenon was observed. All of a sudden a blinding brilliance of light was observed in the verandah and simultaneously the light in the room dimmed. All the same moment Our Saint raised his hands as in if to hand shake with someone. By this marvel of Nature some of his devotees were stunned and understood what it signified with tears trailing down their cheeks. 

It was nearing four ‘O’ Clock Hakim Mirza Yaqub Baig was feeling the pulse and Our Saint was awaiting the approaching time to join his beloved. All of a sudden the Hakim Saheb withdrew his hand and began to weep profusely and the duration of separation of eighty six or eighty eight years came to an end and Our Saint’s Soul flew to Heaven to merge with the Infinite Beloved.


Sheik Mazhar Ali Saheb, addressed the audience, thus “Brothers, the sorrow in which we are plunged is not temporary to be forgotten soon. But it will remain throughout our life. Please be patient for a while in discharging our last service to Our Saint. Before performing funeral rites we must respect his sayings that wherever a Faqir dies there he will be buried. First select a place to consign his mortal remaining” all agreed to prepare his shrine there where his last breath ceased, on their unanimous opinion Sheikh Mazhar Ali Saheb removed the sacred body of his spiritual guide along with the bed a little away towards the East and marked the place where the tomb is to be erected.

The crowd of devotees was so large that the place for the funeral prayer was hardly sufficient to accommodate the entire assembly of his devotees and disciples. At last it was conducted by Hafiz Abdul Qaiyum Saheb of Kernal and on Friday 6th April 1905 Sarkar Waris was laid to rest in the tomb for Eternal rest. 

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