Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

Sayings of Sarkar Waris-e-pak alam panah

Our Saint’s saying and instructions were issued in daily spoken idiomatic language but it was full of spirituality and veracity. His each instructions was beneficial and the gist of which was Divine love though difficult and abstruse for us to comprehend was taught by our Saint in such a manner that it was clear to all. Moreover Sarkar Waris taught them with practical facts and perfect guidance.

Below are some important sayings of Sarkar Waris . . . .

To spend sleepless nights and to lead a recluse’s life are the attributes of mystics. These two attributes are connected with love and are distinctive features of love. Due to love a lover relinquishes worldly affairs.

Or Saint declared that a Unitarian is one who is absorbed entirely in God’s meditation not in other things. Hence a mystic definitely is one who is a complete Unitarian, who has attained the rand of believing that God is one and has no partner.

Sarkar Waris said, “The easiest way to reach the beloved is conception of the Beloved’s face.” Sarkar Waris said, “Concentrate on one face. The same will be with you in this world at the time of death and on the day of resurrection. Its regular practice makes seekers of truth turn in to complete and chaste human beings.

According to our Saint “love is positively monotheism and monotheism is positively love.”

Sarkar Waris said, “When the day of Resurrection every one will appear with their deeds and miss-deeds in hand. I too will be present, clutching the portrait of my Beloved. The Day of Judgment for them is better than the night of meeting the Beloved and in the plane of Resurrection they embraced their object of imagination.

Sarkar Waris said “the strange dignity of love is that any attribute of a mystic is based on love.”

Sarkar Waris said “ISLAM IS ONE TING AND FAITH IS ANOTHER THING.” Many people failed to understand the meaning behind this comment. So Sarkar Waris further clarified that all people who have embrace Islam by birth or by conversion just blindly follow the outward injunctions of Islam but their hearts are like stone. They pride of their prayers and it is well known the moment pride enters humility is lost. Our Holy Prophet declared,” the man who loves me more than his family, property and wealth he has faith” thus Islam is one thing and faith another. Faith also is not to stretch one’s hands before others, the significance of which is to desist asking any thing.

Sarkar Waris said “The food of a mendicant is that which he gets without asking, “Do not ask anything, be satisfied and patient whatever you get without asking.”

Our Saint instructed his devotees to mention the name of Almighty God repeating always.

Sarkar Waris said “Attribute of forgetfulness is a mental state of a lover which is the fruit of excessive love. Peculiarity of a lover is hi is entirely absorbed in forgetfulness

Sarkar Waris said “Love for worldly life makes one a wild animal and love for God turns one in to an angle.”

Sarkar Waris said, “adhere to one face it will help you.”

Sarkar Waris said. “Love is the step to reach the highest truth.” Sarkar Waris said “God is the friend for all who render services to his creatures without any ulterior motive or selfish end”

Sarkar Waris said,” for, a real person is one who distributes his income to others while a coward is one who takes advantage of others property.

Sarkar Waris said,” Pious people do not think of hearth and grinding stone.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Women, land, and wealth are the source of worldly wrangles.” To remain free one should avoid them. Sarkar Waris also said. “Our way of life is love. There is no arrangement and one always bows down to the will of God.” And patience is the fruit of love.

Sarkar Waris said.” the correct and conspicuous dignity is resignation to the will of God.”

Fortitude to secure the pleasure and willingness of the glorious God without evading and shrinking back.

Sarkar Waris said,” One who is ruined in love becomes prosperous.”

Sarkar Waris said,” In love Satan also becomes a friend.”

Sarkar Waris said, “What you ever want, temporal spiritual do not forget the love of God.

Sarkar Waris said, “Love is the step to reach the highest truth. Angels were given partial love and human beings full love.

Sarkar Waris said, “Trust in God is all prophets’ tradition. Make God your counsel.”

The commandment of our saint is ‘be patient even if you are starving.”

Our Saint declared “our goal of journey is love.”

Our Saint at time waived aside all formalities of taking the oath of allegiance and would say that since if any one had love form the dawn of creation there is no need for any formal entry into the Waris fold.

Sarkar Waris said, “God is the creator of each and every one in like manner he is also Master of the Universe and every ting Contained in it. God is the sustainer.”

Sarkar Waris said, “one who trusts God is always helped by God.

Sarkar Waris said, “One who searches truth through truth his unity of God is correct; one who searches truth though self his unity of God is imperfect. Unity of God is knowledge of heart and one in whose heart there is no room for others.

Sarkar Waris said, “the discovery of God’s truth is achieved by a Unitarian through supplication.”

Sarkar Waris said, “a disciple who thinks his spiritual guide is far off is an imperfect disciple, and a spiritual guide who regards his disciples not near him is also not a prefect guide.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Whoever has no spiritual guide he has no faith.” A disciple’s success depends on his guide’s favor.

Sarkar Waris said, “If there is love you will get every thing, if there is no love you will get nothing.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Love is sublime. “

Sarkar Waris said,” Lovers are less and our saintly guides are many”.

Sarkar Waris said, “Love is not acquired by profession and this issue is acknowledged by the mystics as unalloyed munificence”.

Sarkar Waris said,” the Mosque would testify your prostration of the day of judgment.”

Sarkar Waris said,” one who is not observing Namaz (Prayer), “He will not be admitted as a disciple.”

Sarkar Waris said, “One should walk to the Mosque for prayer as each step fetches a reward of virtue.”

Once Maulvi Syed Mohammed Yousef Saheb with tearful eyes asked Our Saint whether an evil minded person like him could be capable of seeking God. Our Saint’s reply was “If one is confident that during prayer God observes him, he will surely be fortunate to be gifted with Divine vision and in every atom he would perceive Divine manifestation.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Fasting improves health and is concerned more with spirituality rather than worldly love.

Sarkar Waris said, “In a state of favor t see the divine luster the urge for food and drink vanish away. The divine Illumination is the real food of one and his desire and carvings are curbed.

Sarkar Waris said, “Zakat is a lucrative business; for one rupee paid as Zakat God gives ten rupees and some times awards seventy rupees”.

Sarkar Waris said, “Haj is a testing ground of testing questions, whoever was firm in this he was included among the friends of God”.

Sarkar Waris said, “Whoever has a love for God, He hates property and wealth.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Without Love Invocation is of no use and further said Invocation without self motive is useful. Mystic exercise without any motive and should be free from worldly desires.”

Sarkar Waris said, “The external and renowned meaning of unity is to express. God is one and understand him as one, which is the condition for belief. When this is confirmed, the other meaning of unity is to see God as one. This is the stage of Mystics, therefore this meaning regarding God is revealed to the heart of the Unitarian and he sees with his eyes Divine manifestation in every thing.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Whoever has a love for God, he hates property and wealth.”

Sarkar Waris said, “The heart which is concerned with love has no place for enmity”.

Sarkar Waris said, “The root cause of malice and enmity is the love of worldly goods. No one in whose view the worldly riches and honor have no value his heart is free from the dust of enmity.

Sarkar Waris said, “One whose heart is happy with the narration of God’s name and indifferent t the mentioning of worldly affairs, ore can understand his heart is mature.”

A literate devotee desired to know the basis of politeness and how a beginner’s temperament becomes modest. Sarkar Waris replied, “With whomsoever you come across regard him as better and superior to you.”

Sarkar Waris said, “A real recluse is one who avoids everything connected with the world, curbs his passions, forgets all intentions and regards all effects of hunger and satisfaction equally. And when something comes it is to be distributed in the name of God.”

Sarkar Waris said, “A well informed mendicant is one behind whose back is the world and before his face, the fear of God. He also said that a mendicant whose connection with the world becomes bad and one who trusts God is successful.”

Sarkar Waris said, “That the definition of politeness is expressed in different words but the best quality is of one who behaves with the people politely and is a sincere believer of God.”

Sarkar Waris said, “A spiritual leader is useless who stays away from his disciple especially if he is far off to help him in the hour of death.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Those whose belief is perfect their peace of mind is satisfactorily composed. Those who know full well that God is sure to provide daily bread they are always contented.” Sarkar Waris said, “That one who no faiths in God’s promise his faith is unworthy. One who trusts God his faith is satisfied by God. Our Cherisher has promised to supply food to his creatures. The worst person is one who has no trust in his Creator’s promise and considers his means of substance depends in occupation alone.”

Sarkar Waris said, “Be firm to resign yourself to the will of God but do not stretch your hand before others”. 

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