Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah, way of Life and Habits (Life Style)

Sarkar Waris as a guest

In every place, his stay did not exceed more than three days. He was very particular that his host should not be subjected to bear the heavy burden of his stay even servants were instructed not to ask any thing from his host.

Sarkar Waris Food Habits

Sarkar Waris food habits were simple and as such not a burden to the host. Our saint ate ordinary food with great relish. Further, he never troubled his host to provide modes of conveyance since he preferred walking. The food he took and the dress he wore might appear superficial habits but it reflects the inner intrinsic mode of life the ultimate goal of which is to reach the highest rung of spirituality.

Special Habit

During his travel whenever he halted at first, he preferred to stay as guest in the same place. At times, he happened to be the guest of poor and low class men. It was a habit of our saint to revisit the places through he had passed in his previous journey. For example, whenever he drank water or rested under a certain tree he would halt there, drink water from the same well and sit under the shade of the same tree. It was his natural habit to help the poor and the needy. During his boyhood days, he would even give away the clothes he was wearing to the poor people. His food was simple and he dislikes delicious dishes. FROM THE AGE OF FOURTEEN HE BEGAN FASTING AND WAS BREAKING HIS FAST ONCE A WEEK. He made no distinction between the rich and poor to honor their invitation by his august presence.

Choice of Color of Sarkar Waris Dress

Sarkar Waris liked best was yellow. It is only those disciplined ascetics who serve connection with the world and depend upon there lord, prefer this color for their dress, for example Jesus Christ whose spirituality, Godliness and his isolation from the world preferred yellow color for his dress. It is also prophesied that when Christ will descend on the last day of the world he will have two sheets of similar color on his body.

The description of Jesus Christ is an embodiment of Spirituality and an artistic creation of divine craftsmanship, like wise, our Saint Waris Ali Shah liked such dress for apparel. Until the old age of Seventy years, he endured with patience trials and tribulations without any complaints, which are the unique qualities of those whose ultimate goal of life was to achieve the desire of divine vicinity.

We discern in our Saint the quality of Jesus Christ.

Sarkar Waris Style of Eating

Although Sarkar Waris Eating was limited, his distribution to others was limitless. Sarkar Waris never liked any arrangement for food as it was against his way of life. Sarkar Waris accepted the invitation of all his devotees, irrespective of rich and poor.

Never in his life, have Sarkar Waris eaten his head uncovered. Sarkar Waris take few grains of rice with broth and simply taste some dishes like taking a pinch of salt or merely touch his hands to it as a form of blessing, SARKAR WARIS ENTIRE FOOD IF WEIGHED WOULD BE FIVE TOLAS (50 GRAMS).

Although Sarkar Waris habit was to eat very little, yet since his devotees had prepared the dishes with a lot of effort and love so Sarkar Waris would merely taste of touch his hand so as not to disappoint them.

Sarkar Waris completely lost his sense of taste to such an extent that Sarkar dipping his finger in the sweet would comment, “Dal is cooked fine”. Moreover, tasting the few grains of rice would say, “the cook is very efficient”.

Sleeping Habits

Our Saint was very punctual in his habits even his sleep is not a real sleep. Sarkar Waris every action was never personal but to please others. Our Saint always sleeping on the right side, for health sake some people suggested sleeping on the left side. However, our saint would lie on the left side for only a minute sit up and then change to the right side but his back never touched the ground. The reason being Sarkar Waris had already forfeited rest and comfort for love of God. As such, Sarkar Waris lying posture of resting on the right shoulder without a pillow was not in reality a rest and his back never touched the floor.

Sleeping Bed

Sarkar Waris sleep on bare ground spreading a blanket and with his bent arm serving as a pillow. The pillow was one of the comfortable things he had Forsaken and it was against etiquette.

One of Important Customs of Sarkar Waris

It was Sarkar Waris Custom never to pray for either friend or foe. Sarkar Waris avoided praying for others as it was against resigning oneself to the will of God. It is God alone who awards punishment or bestows favor. If viewed from this point neither friend deserves prayers nor and enemy curses. It is rather expedient to remember comfort of trouble is one’s destiny for good or bad and one should bear it and resign himself to the will of God. “Whoever loves you returns the same to him but do not pray or curse anyone. “Prayer or cruse against a friend or foe is against the will of God to which a mendicant should adhere”.

Hence, the correct and conspicuous dignity is resignation to the will of God, all cravings and aspirations should be left to the will of God, should not think of any correction and reason, and should bow their bead before God’s intention.

Our Saint’s warmth of affection and behavior of equal treatment with every community professing diverse creeds and nationalities and others who were firm believers of their ancestor’s religion became his devoted disciples.

In addition to our Saint’s sterling qualities, this quality of not stretching hand before others was his exclusive attribute and this he advised his disciples to adhere to firmly.

During his whole life Sarkar Waris never paid attention to things of necessity and means of comfort, neither constructed a house to reside in nor thought of delectable dishes and drinks nor provided himself with essential necessities to be healthy or to prolong his life.

Everyone knows during his lifetime a word of complaint did not escape from his lips.

Thus resigning to the will of God was Sarkar Waris ideal and submission to the power of Creator, his ultimate goal of life. . . . . 

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