Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

“Adhere to one face it will help you”
Waris Ali Shah

Yearly (Urs) Ceremony Dates

The fair attracts pilgrims from as far as Pakistan and the middle -east countries. The shrine of the Sufi saint is much revered by Muslim pilgrims all over the world. Every Year Urs Ceremonies will be held 3 times, as described below:

Kartik: (Held any time between 1st Oct - 15 Nov)

Fair commenced every year between the months of September October. Sarkar Waris Pak Alam Panah organized Urs of his father, "Syed Haji Qurban Ali Shah (r.a)" in the month of 'Kartik' according to Hindu calendar when a big fair is held to commemorate the Saints. Relieved of agriculture operations in the month of the fair people from far and wide participate in it in a festive mood. Visitors from all the parts of the country come to pay their homage to the great Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah and his father. Pilgrims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are also attracted to make the fair a cosmopolitan congregation.

Chait:(1st Rabi-ul-awwal, starting April)

Safar: (1st of Safar, starting March)

Haji Waris Ali Shah a monarch in the domain of Sufism passed away for his heavenly abode on April 6th, 1905. The fair ceremony in this month is the ceremony of Sarkar Waris Pak Alam Panah himself, held in the month of April every year, in Urdu calendar this month is termed to be safar.
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