Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

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Announcement of Chait Urs: Starting 21th March, 2012 (27th Rabi-ul-awwal)

Schedule of ‘Chait Urs’ in Dewa sharif:

1. 21st March (27 Rabi-ul-awwal) – Mahfil-E-Milad

2. 22nd March (28 Rabi-ul-awwal) – Proceeding of ‘Chadar sharif’ from ‘Astana-e-aliya’ to ‘Barhela sharif’ followed with a ‘Jullus’ & Qul, Hazrat Syed Qurban Ali Shah Warsi (R.A) at 8:30 PM

3. 23rd March (29 Rabi-ul-awwal) - Mehfil-e-Naat 10 AM & Mehfil-e-sama starting 11 PM – ‘Qul’ at 4:13 AM (28th March)(Sarkar Waris-e-pak Alam Panah (R.A))

4. 25th March (1st Rabi-us-Sani) – 10 AM – Manjlis - ’Shuhada-e-karbala’ , Ghusl at 3 PM & ‘Halq-e-Fukara’ chader sharif at 8 PM

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