Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

(Adhere to one face it will help you)

3rd Jashney Waris-e-pak, Moradabad – 2nd April, 09

The announcement of 3rd Jashney waris-e-pak – Moradabad, Dated: 2nd April, 09


“Jashney Waris Pak” to be held in the city of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. All the warsi brothers, sisters, friends are openly invited to participate in the “Jashan”. The proceedings are as follows:


1. Campus of “Dargah Hazrat Shah Bulaqi Shab (R.A)”

2. After Namaz-e-Asar – Quran Khani, After Namaz-e-Maghrib – Nazre-Maula-e-kaiyanat (Hazrat Ali Sher-e-Khuda A.S), After Namaz-e-Isha – Mehfil-e-Milad & Mehfilay Zikray Sarkar Waris-e-Pak, Mushaeriya Naatey Manqabat at 2:00 A.M, Mehfilay-sama – 4:13 A.M Nazar Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah

3. Taqseem of Tabbruk

Chief Guest: Saad Mehmood Warsi (Astana Manager – Dewa Sharif), Waris Mehmood Warsi (Joint Secratary – Dargah Warsi Asso. – Dewa Sharif)

For more details, please check the below files:


Pictures and videos will be pulished on the website after the event.

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