Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

“Adhere to one face it will help you”
Waris Ali Shah

Important Notification


We would like to notify Warsi community regarding DONATIONS/NAZRANA, please be informed with below point

  1. Avoid DONATIONS/NAZRANA to any individual or  For e.g. your spiritual guide (Faqir), any person connected or claims to be representative of Dargah Sharif or even claims to be from trust or Management
  2. Strictly send your DONATIONS to the below mentioned address in the form of a ‘DEMAND DRAFT’ with name ‘DARGAH HAZRAT HAJI WARSI ALI SHAH MAUSOLEUM TRUST’
    1. Dargah Hazrat Haji Warsi Ali Shah Mausoleum Trust
    2. Dewa Sharif, District Barabanki – 225001
    3. Uttar Pradesh, India
    4. Attn: Honorable Secretary
  3. Do note Sending DONATIONS in the name of Dargah to any individual/other authorities is strictly prohibited.
  4. You can complain in writing with name and contact details to ‘Dargah Hazrat Waris Ali Shah Mausoleum Trust’ incase if you had sent any DONATION in the name of Dargah and it has not reached.
  5. Kindly note you will get a proper receipt of your amount from ‘Dargah Trust Authority’ which bears proper signature of the Hon’ Secretary
  6. STRICTLY AVOID any CASH DONATION/NAZRANA to any individual claiming to be from Management or even from DARGAH TRUST or to any Fuqarah

Our mission is to stop all fraud activities going in the name of Dewa Sharif/Sarkar Alam Panah worldwide. As all financial activities in Dewa Sharif is monitored and maintained by ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’ alone.’

We appeal to all our community to help us achieve this goal, if you will just take care of the said points below and this will greatly help in achieving the same:

  1. Ask name of any Fuqarah asking for Nazrana/Donations in the name of Sarkar Alam Panah and provide us details, if possible with proper evidence, we will take strict action against them.
  2. Write to us if you have provided any monies to any individual for or related to Dewa Sharif as these monies in cash never reached to us. You need to provide us full details which will include person name, contact details, time and amount as well.
  3. Please stop the practice of Nazrana to Individuals / Fuqarah

You can note below what Sarkar Alam Panah, he has said for mendicants (Fuqarah)

Sarkar Waris said, “A real recluse is one who avoids everything connected with the world, curbs his passions, forgets all intentions and regards all effects of hunger and satisfaction equally. And when something comes it is to be distributed in the name of God.

Besides any other person who claims to be Lover of our Lord, can never commit this mistake of accepting money in the name of ‘Sarkar Alam Panah’ as Sarkar Alam Panah, he has said:
Sarkar Waris said,” Lovers are less and our saintly guides are many”.

Hoping our community will appraise, appreciate and help us achieving the same.


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